Three County Construction works hand on hand with Fix My code Violation for legalization , expired permits and work without permit.

We are Architects and General Contractors.

We are the only one-stop shop solution when dealing with Building Code Violations, that can handle your process from beginning to end. We never sub-out or work and when you call or office you'll always talk straight to the experts. Fix My Code Violation is a firm created by Studio Lamas Architects and Three County Construction, both full service firms specializing in architecture, construction and engineering with over 15 years of experience. At Fix My Code Violation we specialize in correcting all Florida building and zoning code violations for commercial, industrial and residential properties. Our team of licensed professionals can produce drawings and calculations to help you meet all requirements with the city pertaining to open permits, code violations and work orders.

  • 1. BREATHE : We know how stressful it is dealing with Code Violations. We’re here to make this as painless as possible. First thing is to identify the type of code compliance case. Assemble as much information as possible.
  • 2. CALL US : You will need an Architect to provide the Building Department with plans. We’ll provide a free in-office consultation where we will assess the situation to figure out the best solution for your individualized case.
  • 3. STOP THE FINES : Once we are retained, we will present the Building Department with a game plan. This is to let the City know that we've started to bring the propery in to compliance. Generally, this will stop the fines from incurring.
  • 4. DO SOME DIGGING : We will go to the Building Department in order to obtain the complete history of the property. Doing so allows us to make sure we’re providing accurate service. We’ll do the leg work for you!
  • 5. PRESENT THE PLANS : Our team of fully licensed Architects and Engineers will create a set of plans with all required information to legalize your property. We even expedite them to speed up the process.
  • 6. PERMIT + FEES : the first step is getting the plans approved by the city, once this happens we will be issued a Building Permit. This is a big milestone and means we are one step closer to our goal!
  • 7. DO THE WORK : Some cases require remedial construction in order to legalize the property. As your general contractor we can do this for you. We’ve got a full team of licensed contractos are ready to start fixing your violation
  • 8. INSPECTIONS : Next we will need to obtain legalizations, this will require a number of inspections from the City. Each project is different and therefore this varies per case. We will be there with you.
  • 9. CLOSE OUT : Once the required inspections have been successfully passed, we will request the permit be finalized. At this time, we will meet with the Building Department & obtain all required proof that the case has been closed out.
  • 10. ENJOY WHATS YOURS : After you clear your building violation you will have full control of your property again. You will now be able to sell, refinance, remodel and reap all the benefits of being a property owner.

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